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Teo, one of the beautiful and amazing students who attended the intensive training in Lisbon, inspired me the idea of gathering the comments, feelings and experiences

on the Raw Food Course.

So I am happy to share here the short texts they wrote for you and me!




"I did the four day intensive training and it was a real joy. I had already been eating a raw vegan diet for a year prior to the training but still found it an invaluable experience as I learnt so much! Kay is knowledgeable, passionate about her craft and a wonderful host. The training is immersive and the food incredibly delicious; some of the best that I have ever tasted!


It has added another dimension to my diet and I’ve fallen in love with raw food all over again.

Thank you so much Kay!"

Caroline, traveller and raw food blogger, UK - December 2020


"I am sincerely grateful to beloved Kay for what she is doing for people and of course for everything that has happened to me during our course - in her kitchen during classes, in my kitchen on the other days and after. Really, this course was very special for me, I have received much much more than just learning new recipes. Thankful to meet this beautiful, wise and kind woman, full of knowledge (I don’t know anyone who would have such a serious approach to the subject, so many books that she has studied and research she has done!). 
I am a nutritionist and for over 7 years I have been working with people, helping them find their way to their true selves, attuning to their bodies through yoga and nutrition. The knowledge gained during Kay’s course significantly complements my knowledge and practical experience. I am grateful and glad that now even more people can eat more clean, being guided by experimented people such as Kay and myself, now that I am a more educated provider of the plant-based raw approach.


Each lesson with Kay was filled with joy, warmth, understanding. This is a very special and valuable meeting for me. With every recipe that Kay has prepared and given with so much care and attention, she shared the most valuable thing, her experience. 
All recipes are unique, simple enough but at the same time totally incredible and, what’s very important, the compatibility of the products is observed, so that everything is very well and easily digested and absorbed by the body (this principle is often missed in vegan raw food). Everything was so nicely presented  - both the study materials and our magical meals, beautifully served on the table every time. She gave me so many advices and recommendations. I always been going back home full of new knowledge, inner peace and happiness, each time in mental balance, as if I was rebooted. 


Thanks again, and I would really love Kay's course to continue making this world a better place, people healthier and true to their real nature".

Julia from the True You, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher, Moscow \ Ericeira - November 2020.


"Kay’s training program was such an inspiring and life-changing experience - I will never look at vegetables in the same way. I have three young daughters and want to make eating fruits & vegetables more fun for us all at home so it was extremely rewarding to learn so many techniques, with Kay, that can be used to easily transform all these healthy natural ingredients into divine-tasting pâtés, spreads and “cheeses”, colourful crackers, unconventional raviolis and noodles, Mexican style tacos, spicy soups, indulgent sweets and deserts, health boosting juices, nutrient packed “chips” and a never ending list of many other gourmet delights.


Kay is extremely knowledgable and passionate about RAW cuisine and shares this very naturally and professionally. I love Kay’s experimental attitude where everything is possible - the most anonymous looking vegetable can become the sexiest meal on the planet with a few secret ingredients and a little twist from Kay and after having done the full 8 modules with Kay I’m absolutely incredulous with the versatility of RAW cuisine - it’s potential is one of the best kept secrets on Earth!"

Josephine, Real Estate Agent - London \ Lisbon - February 2020.


"Dear Kay,


I would like to thank you for the amazing Plant-Based Raw Food course. The daily schedule was well organised and the setting of every detail at your place in Lisbon was ideal. The information you gave me will make a valuable contribution to my work in organising and leading Yoga and Raw Food retreats. Your Raw Food course far exceeded my expectations.

The raw meals that we prepared together were nourishing and delicious. The meals were absolutely outstanding using all whole and organic fruits, seeds, nuts, greens and vegetables. Every meal was WOW!

The intelligent conversations during the meals made for a fantastic time.  

You are a brilliant and passionate teacher, and I noticed that you always make sure that I understand all the methods and techniques of raw food preparation. As such, I whole heartedly recommend this experience to anyone who would like to explore raw cuisine.   

Obviously, I will be keeping track of what is going on through your website on Raw Food. Once again, please accept my sincere thanks for hosting me during 5 days for the “Tailored Training with Accommodation and Gourmet Plant-based Board” and so generously sharing the details of your knowledge and experience".



Dr. Avi Nov, Tel Aviv, Israel. Finance lawyer and founder of - January 2020.



"My time with Kay was a beautiful experience. From the first day to the last I was uncovering the true meaning of good food with theory then creating a storm in the kitchen.


The food is of the highest quality I have ever tasted and the way Kay teaches is excellent. I really am forever thankful to her for showing me her knowledge, expertise, skills, recipes, how to do it all in practical tutorials and demonstrations.


The real test was when I got home and was let loose on my own. A credit to her training was that I was amazed at how well I had picked up what she taught me and I had family commenting that they were impressed more than when they dined at a Michelin star restaurant. They were stunned with the flavours, tastes and raw dishes that much they want to go through the training themselves.


I'm thankful for Kay opening her full equipped raw food kitchen and her heart to pass on her magic. Life has just got very interesting and I know it's what she has sparked in me and I hope to be able to energise more people into delicious raw foods and impact their lives just as much as Kay has with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the depths of my soul I will forever be in your debt for showing me the way with your wisdom and teachings".


Davey Richmond, Edinburgh, Scotland. Engineer - May 2019.


"A revealing dream, one of those that open the doors of consciousness and change your vision of things. Kay's intensive course was crazy, my first approach to crudivegan cuisine, through a brief, exhaustive and ingenious serious training, in which the essential theoretical and technical bases of raw cuisine are discussed.


Furthermore, through the precious Student Guide Book she provides for the training, where everything is explained clearly and exhaustively, you will be perfectly able to give more space to this cuisine in your daily life. I believe that happiness is such only if shared. Only with our own experiences can we create and encourage others to change, thanks Kay for sharing your precious knowledge".

Enrica, Milan, Italy - April 2019.


"I found Kay’s Plant-Based Raw Food course during my pregnancy. 

I got it as a gift from my boyfriend who understood the potentiality of useful knowledge as a way to improve my baby's health and mine. It was definitely life-changing! 

Not only did I learn amazingly tasty raw food recipes of all sorts like soups, cheeses, wraps, etc... But I also had access to her precious library and invaluable wisdom of experience. Most of all, I got a lot of confidence in the means to look after my health in a holistic way.

I immediately felt the effects of raw food: improved metabolism, huge vitality, balanced amazing mood and a sense of overall purification and healing. Before the course, I was already focused on healing through foods and I already had a pretty good health, so I wasn't expecting much...

But Kay’s course was definitely an extraordinary surprise!

It was the best gift my boyfriend could ever offer baby Mathias and I. So thankful, Kay! "

Vera, Costa da Caparica, Portugal - Freelance designer and full-time mum !



"Life time experience! Very well organised, intense and intensive. Kay has proven to have great facility in transmitting her knowledge about raw food, she has a lot of experience in this field and has helped me a lot to go my way on this plant-based raw food journey. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to change and have a life full of Energy and Love. Thankful, Kay !"

Carlos, Portugal. Ex-surfer, organic farmer and founder of a fruit-tree agroforestry project near Lisbon - December 2018.


"From our first email exchanges with Kay she sounded completely natural and trustworthy, so I knew from the beginning that her course in raw vegan cuisine was the right choice out of the options available on the ‘market’.

Few months later, when I started the actual course (October 2018), I realised my intuition was right. I was happy to receive a very intelligently structured program, which included both theory and practice.

Kay is an extremely well documented angel with a great heart and talent in transferring her knowledge from teacher to student and so ready to help, encourage and boost the confidence in her students. I can only be grateful that I met her and hope to always remain friends.

Among precious things I learned at this course both about the deep meanings of raw movement and about how food can heal the body and the mind, I acquired all the necessary skills to use the several types of raw kitchen equipment, as well as to prepare many, many wonderful dishes.

One of these days I was reading something from Sri Ramakrishna, who says: “Knowledge that purifies the mind and heart is true knowledge, all else is only a negation of knowledge”. And if I think of what I learned about raw food with Kay, I can only say that yes, raw food is true knowledge in its most practical sense, because it purifies on all levels. Raw, organic, clean food is an invitation to discover this beauty that lies right in our nature.
Many thanks for everything, Kay. Love! "

Teodora, Romania. Traveller and plant-based chef for meditation retreats - November 2018.

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