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For a Healthy, Creative and Sustainable Lifestyle
by Kay Ess
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Knowledge Dissemination

Intensive Raw Food Training



This training focuses on the main Plant-Based Raw Food techniques to gain comfort and creativity or to expand your know-how. 

Private or collective classes

with or without

Overnight Stay

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Holidays and learning experience

Tailored Training

with Accommodation &

 Gourmet Plant-Based Board 

3\4\5 Day Programs

This concept allows you to combine daily intensive learning of raw food techniques through meals preparation.

Raw Food Training

from 9.00 to 14.00 each day 

Afternoons at your disposal

Includes the stay, my student guide book,

theory and practical classes, 

daily cold pressed organic juices and gourmet meals

The best option to actively learn while travelling, enjoying the benefits and pleasure of delicious raw plant-based meals 

More Info & Booking via 

Do it beautifully

with conviviality

Having your raw plant-based gourmet cuisine chef

while travelling?

The only guest-room in Lisbon where you can combine your stay with cold-pressed juices, detox program and\or delicious & healthy high vitality raw food meals.
100% organic


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Beach Banquet

Photo gallery

All confections and photos by Kay Ess

Raw, organic and whole plant-based cuisine for your everyday life

Raw fresh pasta with dynamised sun flower seeds and psyllium
Raw buckwheat Bread for sandwich
Rainbow Wrawps for sandwich rolls
Green for Life
Raw, vegan, organic sushi
Stawberry wrap
Black sesame milk with mango and raw granola
Raw persimmon wrap filled with dehydrated marinated mushroom and a macadamia ricotta
Kelp pad thaï
Thaï carrot-coco soup
Blue spirulina power
Raw pyramid chocolate and peanut butter delicacies
Raw vegan mushrooms pâté
Raw cashew cheeses
Raw vegan and gluten-free pizza
Autumn raw crackers
Raw tacos with plant-based dehydrated "meat"
Wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts
Fresh cold-extracted juice
Kale crispy chips
Raw cashew tchaï milk
Savory plant-based pâté with spirulina
Raw vegan vegetable pie
Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 14.53.33
Trail mix
Powerful wheatgrass juice
Beetroot wrap
Cabbage raw chips
Buddha macro bowl
Ricotta mango nori rolls
Soupes broccoli
Indian crackers
Divine sorbet
Chocolate !
mango wrap
The magic of plant-based cheese experimentations
Raw, vegan, sugar-free lemon pie
Raw tzatziki with sprouted buckwheat raw and crispy little breads
Rolled Strawberry wrap
Nice dream
Energy bars
Morning delight with banana nice-cream
Blueberry chocolate raw cake
Mexican plant-based raw tacos
Chocolate nice-cream with hemp milk
Raw plant-based Mozzarella
Raw samosas
Mushroom pâté
Tropical Leaves


Do you already know how much plant-based raw food can be as delicious as uplifting, transformative and highly satisfying? 

The daily experience of this colourful, tasteful and creative cuisine has a huge potential to positively impact our life. Not only does it increase our appetite for natural nutrient-packed foods, but it also intensifies our relation to nature and improves our mind-body connection spurring a renewed vitality, while having a positive impact on a larger scale.

The journey of plant-based raw food is empowering, giving us the

unique opportunity to fuse

consciousness, beauty and creativity

with delightful flavours,

health benefits and good energies.

As a raw food lover, my goal is to share my 7 years of experience and knowledge with every open-minded and forward-thinking person who is seeking a life based on genuine and sustainable well-being. The intensive training I provide is an opportunity to learn new food approaches and techniques and to experiment, in your everyday life, the benefits of this life-style. Thus, I focus on the pleasure of creating and sharing original dishes inspired by the world's cuisine. My approach makes raw food simultaneously healthy and delicious, accessible, generous and easily digestible.

Canadian, I am myself a traveller and an art-historian trained in Montreal, Paris and Lisbon. During my many years of academic life and professional activity, also in the field of photography (diplomacy milieu in Paris), I discovered juicing and plant-based raw food in a critical moment of my health. I will never forget how much it improved my life on every level. It's by the end of 2012 that I started to intensively learn on the theoretical and practical aspects of this life-style, to experiment, to research and publish articles on the movement's history, pioneers and protagonists, and to connect with eco-and-health-concious-eating people all over the world. After two years of daily practice and learning, I built up, in 2014, the intensive training program on raw food. In 2015, I worked on the project of a raw food Academy for Portugal (together with famous raw chef Christophe Berg) which won the first Prize in the Portuguese Climate Launchpad contest. Still, this ongoing project needs to be implemented. I also host people from around the world, in French, English or Portuguese for juicing programs, plant-based healthy gourmet cuisine and the meaningful conviviality around it all.

 Raw food is an amazing experience of delicious and highly vibrant textures, tastes and colours that you can easily add to your life. 

With this winning combination of will, sensitivity and knowledge, we can share and co-create immensely!

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Kay Ess
Paris: (33) 0 6 25 52 25 26
Lisbon: (351) 96 301 4705

Merci pour votre envoi !

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