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Many authors and raw food pioneers have inspired me during those formative years on my journey to health, joy and wellness. I am expressing here, by those selected quotes, my gratefulness for having discovered and read such relevant, stimulating and precious literature on the path. 



No matter what stage of life we're in, we all want to feel awesome. We want to meet our full potential as we sail through our days with balance and ease. But many of us just don't know how to get there. Nature is the answer, dear friends. It has the power to restore and revitalize our bodies at the deepest level. A vibrant lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated, take a ton of time, or add to your busy to-do list. By simply adding nutrient-dense foods and beverages to your daily life, you'll be making health deposits (instead of withdrawals) and establishing a solid foundation for well-being. In fact, raw food, juicing and blending can be one of the easiest ways to achieve the freedom and vitality we seek. Kris Carr, 2015.

Raw food is more than just a diet, it's a lifestyle. Raw food is also a revolutionary philosophy. A revolution is a fundamental change in the way of thinking about something. The raw food movement changes the way we look at food; therefore, it is a revolution. Philosophy is an interpretation of the way things fit together. The raw food movement looks at the way food, living, our treatment of the earth, our treatment of each other, and our quest for physical, spiritual, and mental health all fit together. Therefore, it is also a philosophy. The purpose of raw food classes is to provide you with information to make a conscious decision about whether you will incorporate any of the raw and living food philosophy into your own philosophy of living.

Ruthmann Russo, 2008.

A diet based on live food represents exceptional nutrition because it recognizes and appreciates the differences between raw foods and cooked dishes, as well as between natural nutrients and synthetic molecules. Conventional dietetic courses leave little room for discussion about the value of enzymes and vital forces in foods, or the merits of live foods compared to those of cooked foods. However, translated in terms of health, the difference is about the same as between overflowing with vitality and health and being content to breathe.

Ann Wigmore, 1985.

The basic key to the efficacy of nourishing your body is the life which is present in your food and of those intangible elements, known as enzymes. Once we get this clearly into our consciousness, we will know definitely why our food should be intelligently and properly selected, and why it should be raw, uncooked and unprocessed. Norman Walker, 1970.

Conscious Eating is the awareness of how the food we eat affects our body, emotions, mind, and spiritual life. It is understanding how what we eat directly affects the planetary ecology and the degree of peace we have with the human and animal life on this planet. Our food choices and the way we lead our lives are both the cause and effect of our diet and lifestyle. Our choices reflect the state of harmony with oneself, the world, all of creation and the Divine. This synergistic view of nutrition is part of a core understanding of what it means to live an integrated, harmonious, and peaceful life on this planet. Gabriel Cousens, 2000.

The body changes according to what we eat. It will mold to a salad, it will mold to junk food - sugary, salty, fatty foods - it will mold to white vinegar, wine vinegar, or to a natural apple vinegar. The bad news is that your body molds to these things, and it does the best it can with the foods that you give it. The good news is that when you change your diet to a proper, balanced way of eating, your whole body changes with it. 

Bernard Jensen, 1988.

Blended green smoothies are a simple and delicious way of accessing the healing properties of greens. Whether you eat a raw food, vegan, vegetarian, or mainstream diet, regularly drinking green smoothies can significantly improve your health. This miraculous drink is available to every person in every country.

Victoria Boutenko, 2005.

If you add to your diet wheatgrass and living foods, this will get you a vitality and confidence renewed. This small investment in time and effort will offer you a treasure more valuable than any gold in the world: knowing that you are doing everything in your power to achieve perfect health, long life and peace of mind.

Ann Wigmore, 1985.

Nature provides sustenance, nature is to be honored, nature is sacred, but not a sort of tropical paradise fantasy where cornucopia of fruit drops into our mouths: "Nothing feels better during hard times than blending with nature, not as a passive hedonism, but as a source for creative work.

Herman Hesse, The seasons of the soul, around 1914.


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