Discover or expand your know-how

learning and experimenting a large range of the plant-based raw food techniques

to enhance your day-to-day vitality and well-being.

Each module has a duration of 3 to 4 hours.

It includes nutritious tastings and full complete meals.

My 90 pages Student Guide Book with precious documentation and all recipes.
A Certificate of Intensive Training Attendance.


We only use high quality, fresh, noble and organic products.

And everything we will do together is gluten-refined-salt-and-sugar-free.

1. Theoretical and practical basis. The power of cold-pressed juicing.

2. Smoothies, raw vegan "milks", fruit kefir (probiotics).

3. Raw soups: three major types + sprouting and dynamization of nuts and seeds.

4. Vegetable pâtés with and without fermentation + rejuvelac and raw vegan "cheese".

5. The new world of salads, the different techniques of preparing vegetables and the raw dressings.

6. Dehydration: crackers, pizza base, granola, wraps and snacks...

7. Dehydration (second part) + the fresh algae and seaweeds

8. Delicious raw vegan desserts.

Sharing with as many people as possible my passion, knowledge and my 7 years of daily experience with raw food

is a way to expand this wholesome life-beautifying adventure.

Let's start this journey to awareness, creative process and bliss for you and your beloved ones.

The training can be given in Portuguese, French or English.

Individual classes or groups from 2 to 4 people.


Student Guide Book's Table of Content  

(to be published soon)


Intensive Training Program Overview | Spirit and Objectives | Precautions | Essential Equipment

What is Raw Culinary? What are the Benefits? | What are the main effects of cooking above 42-47°? | The Main Techniques of Raw Food | The “Conscious Eating” Notion | Responsibility | What is nutrition? | How do I recognise if a food is healthy and beneficial? | Gastro-Physics and the Multi-Sensory Effect.

A Revolutionary Classification of Food | Biogenic foods | Bioactive foods | Biostatic foods | Biocidic foods | 

The Journey of Foods from Biogenic to Biocidic | The different categories of biogenic and bioactive foods to be favoured | The Effects of Biogenic/Bioactive Nutrition


Hippocrates Center for health | Ann Wigmore (1909-1994): "The Grandmother of Raw Food"! | 

Some Teachings from the Hippocrates Institute | Fuels for the Cell: H.O.P.E. | What we really need in our plate? | 7 Essentials Aspects of Living Foods | Hippocrates Institute Living Foods Rating |

Eating the Rainbow: the power of coloured foods for health and nourishment | Green | Orange colour | Yellow colour | What about red? | Blue and purple | What’s in white? | Black and dark brown |

Essential Complementary Notions | From Roots to Flowers movement: Sustainability Practices | The Microbiota: Ecosystem that Impacts Health | Physiology: 5 Pillars of our Organism | 3 Essential Needs of all the Cells in our Body | The Fundamental Notion of Homeostasis | pH: Acidity/Alkalinity | What are the Emunctories and the Lymph? | Components of Blood | The Common Symptoms of Detox at a Physical Level | The Circadian Rhythm | Biology: Autotrophy and Heterotrophy | The Famous Protein Question |

The Vegan Raw Food Combining Chart | Sprouting Tabela | Essential Extended Bibliography | Essential Documentaries, Talks & Interviews Unpublished List with 5 categories: 1. On the Benefits of Juicing + Smoothies | 2. On Vegan Raw Food | 3. On Veganism linked to health, food supply, global crisis and environmental issues | 4. On Food Systems, Agro business, Global Crisis and Local Solutions | 5. On Healing and Scientific Discoveries.

Good Raw Food Web sites for knowledge and community | My Best Specialised Raw Food Suppliers.

PRACTICAL SECTION: 8 Modules of principles, techniques and recipes. 

Module 1: Introduction to the therapeutic power of cold pressed juices

The best Juice bases | The possibilities of enrichment of the juices | Recipe for a typical green juice | Delicious refreshing green mocktail style Juice | The Unbeatable antioxydant Juice | Orange pure delight | Some techniques to benefit the pulp from the juice extraction | Carrot pulp turned into delicious raw vegan salmon rillettes for sandwich | Cucumber pulp turned into delicious raw vegan greek tzatziki.

Module 2: Smoothies and Vegan “Milks”

General principle of smoothies | Classic Smoothie | Smoothie 'supercharger' | Carrot-ginger | Pink Delight | Smoothie for chocolate lovers | Homemade vegan milks: benefits and techniques

STEPS for classic formula | Almond Milk (filtered or not) | Exotic Black Sesame Milk (filtered) | Cashew Chai Milk (not filtered) | Golden Almond | The Great Green Milk | Exotic instant sorbet for the gods & goddesses | Divine chocolate smoothie-milk.

Module 3: Magical Soups

Exquisite Spring & Summer Soups: Amazing Melon Delice | Red Pepper Soup | Vegetables | Cucumber Summer Soup | Fresh Gazpacho | The Oriental Style Soups: Golden Thai Soup | Elfs Soup | Indian Soup with sprouted lentils and coconut | Lukewarm creams for Autumn & Winter Time: Mushroom Creamy delight | Broccoli Soup | Spinach Soup | Pumpkin Soup.

Module 4

Vegan Pâtés | Basic Combinations | Almond Pâté | Energetic Savory balls Green Pâté (with the pulp of almond milk) |  Carrot Pulp Pâté| Lupine Pâté | Cauliflower-Spirulina Pâté| Carrot Pâté | Confit Tomatoes (aside) | Non fermented cheese | IBI Style Pâté | Example of uses.


Aerobic Fermentation: Rejuvelac, fruit kefir and cheese

The Fruit Kefir - Beer Fruit and the Probiotics | Classic fruit kefir recipe | Rejuvelac: Ann Wigmore’s base recipe | Cheese | Fermentation base | Steps | Express Macadamia Ricotta | Cashew Cheese Boursin Style | Variation of Cashew Cheese | Cashew Mozzarella | Fondant d’amande. 

Module 5: Salads & Dressings

Zucchini Spirals Salad with Aïoli Dressing | Zucchini Spirals Salad with a Tomato Sauce | Zucchini Spirals Salad with a Cashew Black Pepper Sauce | Express Salad for crackers | Tabbouleh Salad | Salad with Beetroots spirals | Pad Thaï Salad | Indian Salad | Indian Sauce | Salad Vietnam for macro-bowl | Chipotle green Sauce for Green Quinoa Salad | Coconut Red Bell Pepper Sauce for Green Quinoa Salad | Coconut Yellow Sauce for Green Quinoa Salad | Brazil Nuts Pesto on Kelp noodle and Zucchini Spirals | Chili Sin Carne (recipe by Kate magic).


Module 6: Dehydration

General Principle of the salty crackers | Rainbow Crackers | Pizza Dough | Vegetable Beignets by Christophe Berg | Fruit Wrap | Granola | Chocolate “Rawckies​” | Dehydrated Buckwheat.

Module 7: Algae and Dehydration part 2

Seaweeds: The benefits and the use of agar-agar | Algae Tartare | A Special Recipe to Enchant the guests | Dehydrator harvest | Wrap Confection and Degustation | Raw Pizza Confection.

Module 8: Raw vegan express desserts

Lemon Cream for two people | Oreo-Chia Cream | Mango Cream | Blueberry Cacao Sorbet | Two colours mango-chia (also for breakfast) | Instant Chocolate | Vanilla Instant Ice Cream | Blueberry Yogurt | Energy Bars.

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