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Discover or expand your know-how

learning and experimenting a large range of the plant-based raw food techniques

to enhance your day-to-day vitality and well-being.

Each module has a duration of 3 to 4 hours.

It includes nutritious tastings and full complete meals.

My 90 pages Student Guide Book with precious documentation and all recipes.
A Certificate of Intensive Training Attendance.


We only use high quality, fresh, noble and organic products.

And everything we will do together is gluten-refined-salt-and-sugar-free.

1. Theoretical and practical basis. The power of cold-pressed juicing.

2. Smoothies, raw vegan "milks", fruit kefir (probiotics).

3. Raw soups: three major types + sprouting and dynamization of nuts and seeds.

4. Vegetable pâtés with and without fermentation + rejuvelac and raw vegan "cheese".

5. The new world of salads, the different techniques of preparing vegetables and the raw dressings.

6. Dehydration: crackers, pizza base, granola, wraps and snacks...

7. Dehydration (second part) + the fresh algae and seaweeds

8. Delicious raw vegan desserts.

Sharing with as many people as possible my passion, knowledge and my 7 years of daily experience with raw food

is a way to expand this wholesome life-beautifying adventure.

Let's start this journey to awareness, creative process and bliss for you and your beloved ones.

The training can be given in Portuguese, French or English.

Individual classes or groups from 2 to 4 people.


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