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Spanish Competition of Raw Honey 2023

Dernière mise à jour : 20 nov. 2023

I had the pleasure and honour to be part of the Jury for the 9th Edition of the Spain National Competition of raw and natural honey. Taking place in the city of Burgos, it was a special and beautiful experience! "MielAdictos" was founded nine years ago by the bee keeper and organic honey producer, Alberto Collina with his brilliant wife, Pilar. Completely autonomous, this competition is the most important of all Spain with more than 100 honey producers participating each year. The jury members were confronted with a final selection of 12 honeys of different kinds and regions.

A beautiful selection of 12 high quality honey of different colours, textures and tastes. Amongst the 6 jury members, there were two honey specialists, two professionals of food at large and two honey amateurs invited for their refined sensitivity to tastes and flavours.

The winner of the competition was a dark honey produced by a young apicultor working in a remote mountain region of Leon. From a very small production, this honey surprised the 6 members of the jury with the complexity of its aromatic profile and its length in mouth. Wonderfully long notes of wild flowers and bushes.

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